Official Schools of Languages

That’s English! is offered in most autonomous regions, with the exception of Catalonia, Murcia and the Basque Country, in the Official Schools of Languages and authorised public centres, considered as centres for tutorial support, and are assigned to an Official School of Languages.

Types of centres

In That's English! there are two types of centres:

Administrative Support Centres (Centros de apoyo administrativo, CAA)

They are Official Schools of Languages in which you can register, collect course materials or make any enquiry about the course. Tutorial classes are also held in these centres.

Tutorial Support Centres (Centros de apoyo tutorial, CAT)

Only tutorial classes are held in these centres, which are assigned to an administrative centre.

Although That's English! is a distance-learning English course, the tutorial support centres (CAT) are available for you to attend tutorials closer to home or to your place of work. Remember that for any administrative procedure you need to contact the administrative support centre (CAA) with which your tutorial centre is associated.

Find out where your School is

Marcador negro - EOI administrativas
EOI administrativas: en ellas podrás inscribirte, recoger los materiales o realizar cualquier consulta, y también podrías recibir tus tutorías.
Marcador rojo - EOI tutoriales
EOI tutoriales: en ellas sólo podrás recibir tus tutorías (cada EOI tutorial pertenece a una EOI administrativa).