Niveles de inglés: estudia hasta el C1

En That’s English! puedes conseguir la certificación oficial de inglés A2, B1, B2 y C1 (MCERL) estudiando a distancia. Comprueba los cursos a los que inscribirte para conseguirlo:


That’s English! Courses to obtain the A2 level
  • 1º A2 (A2.1 y A2.2)
  • 2º A2 (A2.3 y A2.4)
  • A2 Certification


Curso That’s English! para conseguir un nivel B1 *
  • B1 (B1.1 y B1.2)
  • B1 Certification


That’s English! courses to obtain level B2 *
  • 1º B2 (B2.1 y B2.2)
  • 2º B2 (B2.3 y B2.4)
  • B2 Certificación


Curso That’s English! para conseguir un nivel C1 *
  • C1 (C1.1 y C1.2)
  • Certificación C1

*En algunas comunidades autónomas las pruebas de certificación están integradas en el examen del último módulo de cada nivel.

Exams and evaluations

Although That's English! is a distance-learning English programme, the exams are held on-site in the Official Schools of Languages in accordance with the evaluation standards laid out in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The evaluation criteria and the tests are defined by each Autonomous Region. To find out about them, you need to contact your Official School of Languages or ask your tutor in your face-to-face classes.

In general, the That’s English! exams evaluate four skills:

Oral comprehension

Understand the general meaning, essential information and main points of spoken texts, according to the level of difficulty being evaluated.

Reading comprehension

Generally understand essential information and the main, relevant points of texts in accordance with the difficulty of the level being evaluated.

Expresión escrita

Write texts with structure, coherence, spelling and punctuation in accordance with the level being evaluated.

Oral expression and interaction

Produce brief oral texts that are adequate for the level studied, in face–to-face communications.

Exam dates and marks

To find out the dates, times and venues where the exams are to be held, have a look at the notice-board on our online platform, visit your Official School's web to see if they have been posted or contact the staff in your Official School of Languages.


Las pruebas de certificación se realizan al finalizar los niveles A2, B1, B2 y C1. Para consultar fechas y condiciones, contacta con tu Escuela Oficial de Idiomas.

In some Autonomous Regions, success in passing the exam of the final module of each level leads directly to the accreditation of the level certificate A2. For more information, consult your School.

Official certificate

With That’s English! you are entitled to sit the exam to obtain the official certificate of the English level that you have studied.


Deberás aprobar el último módulo del nivel A2, B1, B2 o C1.


You will sit the official certification exam in your Official School of Languages.


Si apruebas el examen recibirás tu certificado oficial A2, B1, B2 o C1.

En algunas comunidades autónomas las pruebas de certificación están integradas en el examen del último módulo de cada nivel. Consulta en tu escuela para informarte.

Comprueba tu nivel

Realiza de forma gratuita nuestra prueba VIA (Valoración Inicial del Alumno) para saber cuál es tu nivel de inglés.