El curso de inglés That's English!

That’s English! is a distance-learning English programme, designed by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, provided by the Official Schools of Languages. It is an official course, adapted to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Spanish Ministry of Education

The Ministry has devised the learning resources and bears overall responsibility for the programme. It safeguards the fulfilment of the basic principles of this official distance-learning English course to ensure universal access to the programme.

Education Authorities of the Autonomous Regions

They adapt That’s English! to the language syllabuses in their specific regions and supervise application of the educational and evaluation criteria and level targets.

Official Schools of Languages

Each centre has administrative staff for the That’s English! course who offer guidance on registration and throughout the course. They also coordinate the training and are responsible for the evaluation tests and tutorials.

Course materials

You will receive these materials in your Official School of Languages:






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Online platform

That’s English! offers an online platform for you to be able to study English via distance-learning. If you are a student, you can access the platform with your user ID and password through the Login which can be seen at the top of the page.

n addition, you will also find on the platform a learning resources bank, containing all the materials of That's English, new and old, as well as a talking dictionary, which will help you to find out the meaning and the pronunciation of the words that you need, and much more! Go on to the platform and learn English!

Plataforma e-learning

Access codes

Your access codes will be sent to your e-mail account once you have completed your registration. If you have difficulty accessing the platform:

  1. Execute the password recovery process that you will find on the access screen.
  2. Contact us through the contact form indicating ‘Technical Support’ and describing your difficulty. We will try to help you to gain access to the platform as soon as possible. Please be advised that we may take 48 hours to reply.

Tutorial support

We know that when you are learning English, it is very important to practise speaking. For this reason, you may attend two face-to-face classes a week, at the time designated by your Official School of Languages. That way, the tutor can help you monitor your progress.

The tutorial sessions are aimed basically at developing communication skills, particularly oral expression and interaction.

As this is a distance-learning course, it is not compulsory for you to attend the tutorials in order to complete the course successfully, but we strongly recommend that you make the most of these classes as they are a very useful tool that will help you achieve the course's learning objectives.

To find out which group you are in and the tutorial times, contact your Official School of Languages.

That's English! is on TVE

That's English! is broadcast from Monday to Friday on La 2 TV channel. You will find the broadcast times in the following link: Consult programme times.

You can also watch the programmes any day and at any time on RTVE A la carta. Click on the RTVE logo to access.