Where is the B2 course taught?

    At present, all the autonomous regions that take part in the programme, with the exception of Andalusia, teach the B2 course. However, bear in mind that not all schools teach all the levels. Check with your Official School of Languages.

What is the VIA test and what does it consist of?

The prueba VIA level test (Initial Student Evaluation) is a means to evaluate your knowledge so that you can enrol on a course in the appropriate level, according to the result you have obtained.

The contents of the prueba VIA level test depend on each Official School of Languages. You can consult the dates and specific requirements in your School.

Important information for students who want to enrol on the B1 level: If you studied the Baccalaureate with English as the first foreign language, or if you have obtained the level A2 certificate, you are entitled to request direct admission to the B1 level. However, if you have not studied English for some time, or if you are not sure what level you have, you can always choose to do the prueba VIA level test. Ten en cuenta que algunas comunidades autónomas no aceptan esta forma de acceso.

NOTICE: Enrolments with the prueba VIA level test are subject to specific dates. Check with the Official School of Languages where you would like to register.

What does the term “family unit” mean?

The family unit discount can be requested when any other member of your family (parent, son, daughter, brother, sister, husband, wife or common law partner) is or has been registered on the same course of study (2011 plan) that you would like to enrol on. In this case, you will pay 91€, instead of the programme's full price of 182€, and you will receive the corresponding activity workbooks to complement the course materials that your relative has used. This discount is incompatible with any other discount applied to any other member of the family unit. Only one discount may be applied to each family unit.

How do I obtain the official certificate?

Once you have completed one of the levels: A2, B1 or B2, you are entitled to take the certification exam in the Official School of Languages. In order to obtain this official certificate, corresponding to levels A2, B1 and B2, you have to pass this final exam.

In some Autonomous Regions, success in passing the exam of the final module of each level leads directly to the accreditation of the level certificate A2. For more information, consult your School.

How can I request a refund or cancel my registration?


- The student who would like to exercise his/her right of withdrawal can do so within the 14 calendar days following the registration date. To exercise this right, he/she may:

  1. Acudir a la escuela y cumplimentar el modelo de desistimiento que le facilitarán. Además deberá entregar el material didáctico sin desprecintar.
  2. O enviar cumplimentado el formulario de desistimiento que puede descargarse pinchando aquí, a la siguiente dirección de email: devoluciones@thatsenglish.com. En este caso dispondrá de 14 días para entregar el material sin desprecintar en el CAA en el que esté matriculado.

Once Eductrade has received the documentation and has checked with the school that the course materials have been returned unsealed, it will proceed to reimburse the amount paid by means of the same payment method that the student used to pay the course fees. In any case, and at no cost, the student may request to receive the refund via bank transfer.

- Once the term of withdrawal has come to an end, the only registrations that will be refunded will be for reasons attributable to That’s English! No registration refund request will be admitted for reasons attributable to the student.

- The registration refund request procedure is as follows:

  1. The student will present in the administrative support centre the duly reasoned and documented refund request together with the original "Student's copy" of the registration form.
  2. La petición de solicitud de devolución debe presentarse por el alumno antes del 14 de diciembre de 2019.
  3. The administrative support centre will give the student a receipt as proof of the refund request.
  4. When the refund is deemed appropriate, the student will receive the amount which appears in the registration refund request, either on the student's credit/debit card (if they have registered through the web of That’s English!) or via bank transfer to the account number given by the student. In both cases, the student must return the unsealed course materials.


- Any student registered in the Programme may ask his/her School's administration board for the exams corresponding to the course on which he/she is enrolled to be cancelled, previous to the first evaluation of each course. Acceptance of the request does not entail the refund of the cost of the course materials and allows for enrolment in the following year's course (and only in the following year's course) without having to pay for the course materials.

How can I change school?

You can request to be transferred to another school for reasons of geographical mobility. This request is not subject to any time limit, but its conferment will depend on the places available in the school requested.

Request a transfer by informing the school in which you are enrolled.